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Hi Michelle! :wave:

How are you?

Let me describe the procedure a little bit for you:

The doctor will examine your eyes (of course) and then put in some anesthetic drops. Then after those take effect, he/she will put a tiny cotton ball soaked with the same anesthetic drops into the corner of each eye. You'll sit with your eyes closed for anywhere from 5-15 minutes. (the dr will probably leave the room). Then the dr will remove the cotton and he may or may not lay the chair back into a reclining position. Then comes the worst part. You will get an injection in the first eyelid, right near the tear duct. That burns and hurts a lot. (well, not terribly, but it does hurt.) That will be given a minute or two to take effect, and by the time the dr is ready to start, you will be numb from your lower eyelid to the middle of your cheekbone. Then the dr will use a cuatery (or it's possible to also use a laser) to burn your tear duct until a scab forms and it closes completely. To do this, he will hold the cuatery directly on your tear duct for 1-2 minutes. (maybe less, maybe more depending on how fast it closes.) You shouldn't feel it (it might burn a tiny bit) if you are properly numbed. Then once that is finished, he will inject the other eye and do the same thing.

You will be given an anti-biotic ointment to use 3 or 4 times a day for 3-4 days, just to prevent infection. Once the anesthetic wears off you will be in some pain. Your eyes will burn a lot and they will be red. Your tear ducts will also be very puffy and swollen for a day or so. I suggest that you make sure that you at least have the rest of the day off from work, because you will not really want to do anything except lay with a nice cold compress. Also, you may want to bring somebody with you to drive you home, because your eyes will be very sensitive and sore, and they may be sensitive to light for a little while. It will be a little difficult to keep them open, because as the anesthetic wears off, it will begin to feel like your eyes are very heavy.

It really is not bad at all. The entire procedure, once you are completely numb, takes no more than 5 minutes, (and that includes both eyes). The worst part is getting the anesthetic injection. After that, you won't feel anything.

But you must make sure that the dr is going to use anesthetics! My doctor once told me that some doctors do not believe in spending 15 or 20 minutes numbing the patient, in order to do a 5 minute procedure. They think it is a waste of their time. Not him. He told me that he would never want any of his patients to experience unneccessary pain. He said that it usually only takes 30 seconds-1 minute per eye, but that is like 30 seconds-1 minute of putting your hand down on a hot iron, if you don't have any anesthetic.

The reason I tell you that is because like I said, some drs do not believe in using anesthetics for this procedure. Make sure you ask before you let anyone do this to you! If they tell you that they are not going to numb you, get up and walk out! Any doctor who doesn't care if his patient is in pain is not very good anyway.

I think I have answered all of your questions. :) Please feel free to ask more. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people.

Let me know what happens,

P.S. If you are going to a new dr to have this done, I don't know if it will happen on the first visit. You usually have to make a separate appointment (unless they are having a really slow day and can fit you in.) Plus, the dr may want to get to know you a little bit (and you might want to get to know the dr and make sure you like him first!) before doing the procedure.

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