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You see, the problem with dry eyes is that the tears do not stay in the eyes long enough to actually lubricate the surface. That is because (at least for me) they ar missing the mucin layer, which keeps the tears in the eyes.

For me, I never really had any bad vision problems (I do wear glasses, but my vision was never terrible). I still have good vision, but now because of the lack of correct tears in my eyes, it is sometimes difficult for me to see. I don't know if I am having the same problem as you though. My problem with my vision is now that I have so many tears in my eyes (although not the right kind, so they don't lubricate) because of the cuaterization of the tear ducts, that the tears are welling up in the front of my eyes, in the lower lid. I would rather have that than no tears at all though, like I had before. For me, it is like trying to look through a puddle of water. But once I blot my eyes, and take a minute to re-focus, I can see somewhat better. So I guess for me, the answer to your question is that my vision did get slightly worse after the closing of the tear ducts, because now it feels like I am looking through puddles (but only sometimes). But for you, temporary closing of the tear ducts might be just the thing to help you, because you might need more tears in order to properly reflect the light off of your cornea. Plus, plugging is NEVER permanent. It is sooooooooo simple for your dr to remove the plugs. It takes about 30 seconds-1 minute per eye to put them in, and about 3 seconds to remove them. It is a very very very simple procedure. There is no harm in trying it, because you can always have them removed. Also, you can try collagen plugs, which dissolve on their own after about 10 days, and are good for trial purposes.

Let me know what happens,


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