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Hi Michelle. I am glad to hear that you are doing better.

As for the bump on your lid, it could be something like a clogged Meibomian (sp?) gland, or it could be the beginnings of a stye/chalazion. Both of which are related to the dryness and lack of tearing. I am sure your dr will be able to correctly diagnose it. I had a stye a few weeks ago. Try using hot compresses. That might shrink it or get rid of it. (just don't burn yourself!)

I am doing basically the same. I haven't been online in a few days because my left eye has really been bothering me. The reason for that is that onw of my tear ducts opened up and I had to have it re-cuaterized. I went last wednesday for a regular appointment, and was informed that my tear duct had opened up again. So my left eye is still very very sore and a little bit swollen. It is worse this time, I think. But the reason for that is because, in my drs words he "cuaterized the heck out of it" in order to make sure that he got all the way in, and that it would never open up again. he held the cuatery on there for about 2 or 3 minutes, off and on. I will see him again in 2 days to see how I am doing.

You know, I really don't mean to alarm or upset you, but I have to tell you something. I asked my dr if there is anything more permanent than cuaterization. I told him that I was speaking to a person on-line (you) whose dr put a stitch in the tear duct after cuaterizing it. I asked him if he would ever consider doing something like that for me. He looked at me like I had 3 heads. He said that he had never heard of such a thing and that it is absolutely unnecessary to do that. He said that the only reason that he could think of for doing something like that would be for BILLING purposes. In other words, he said that drs who do that are just trying to pad the bill a little bit and make themselves more money. I guess it is unneceassary because the stitch is not what is going to close the tear duct...the cuaterization does that without the help of a stitch. The point of cuaterization is to burn the area until scar tissue will form over the tear duct. If you think about it, aren't burns supposed to be left to heal naturally, without artificial closure such as stitches? After cuaterization, skin begins to form over the tear duct. But why stitch it if the skin has not formed yet? There is nothing there to stitch. (that would be my guess, anyway!)

I had asked my dr about this, thinking that maybe if it worked for you it would work for me. He said that if the stitch added ANY sort of healing power, he would have done it to me a long time ago!

The reason that I mentioned this is because you want to make sure that this dr (or any other for that matter) does not do unnecessary procedures on you. Did you ask your regular ophthalmologist about the stitching?

Or did you ask the dr who did the procedure why he felt it was necessary to put stitches in? I am curious to know, because maybe he knows something that my dr does not.

But anyway, if it worked for you then it doesn't matter how he did it. Just make sure that you are not paying for something that didn't need to be done.

Good luck, and please let me know how you are doing.

Hi Michelle, Thanks for being concerned. :)

Well I can usually tell right away when the tear duct opens up, because that eye becomes significantly more dry almost right away. Except, this time I did not know, because that eye was so irritated anyway that I could not tell the difference. But when I went for a follow up exam (well not really a follow up, more like my regular weekly eye exam!) my doctor noticed it. I was quite shocked that it was open. Actually at first he couldn't tell because even though he could see the hole, he thought that there might have been a clear membrane over it, which would mean that even though it looked open, it really isn't. So he did a few simple tests. First he put some of the fluorescein dye in my eye, and he observed that it was being sucked into the tear duct. But then he still wasn't positive, so he took one of those instruments that they use to insert the plug into the tear duct (it's a very tiny little tweezers) and he numbed the eye and tried to stick it into the tear duct, and sure enough, it went all the way in.

Since I did not have time to come back in that week, and he was not going to be around very much the week after (well, he is ALWAYS around when I need him), he decided to just let his other patients wait a few more minutes, and he did it for me right then and there!

My eye is still fairly sore from it, and it has been over a week. I don't remember it being this bad the last few times. But the reason for that is that this time he really put the cuatery all the way in until it couldn't go any further and held it there for a really long time to make sure that it would take. As he put it, he "cuaterized the heck out of it!" My eye was quite swollen for a few days afterwards. But I saw him again yesterday and it seems to be healing nicely. But there are now three words that I am not allowed to say in his presence. One being "Open", referring to the tear ducts, another being "closed", also referring to the tear ducts, and another being "U-L-C-E-R". I won't even type that one!
I get yelled at if I say any of those words. :)

But anyway, I am rambling. I would love to know if you are able to find out why your doctor put the stitch in your eye. I think my own dr would also be very interested to know. (maybe your dr knows something that he doesn't!) I hope you are feeling better too.

I have good news though! I had been trying to send my chart to this specialist in Maryland (he's world renowned) and the last time my dr sent it, it never got there. So this time I sent it by Fed-Ex, and I now have confirmation from both Fed-Ex and the drs office that it got there and is in his mailbox waiting to be read! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you are doing well, let me know how your follow-up goes. :)


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