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Re: Chalazion
Nov 8, 2002
Hi Zara - my daughter has been trying the herbal compound but we haven't seen much change; sometimes the chalazion looks smaller, but sometimes bigger - I think it depends what light you look at it under! She is now also thinking of the surgery. Some people say that chalazions go on their own in time, but if you wait a year and still end up going for the surgery, you'd probably wish you'd got it done earlier ... We have an appointment with the eye specialist in three weeks to discuss the procedure. I really don't think you should try to pop it yourself. The blocked meibomian glands are quite deep in the eyelid so difficult to reach and, more importantly, you could give yourself an infection, which could be very nasty. Our doc says the procedure is OK, the injection is like a dental one, then you feel nothing. Good luck with your decision making - same agonising going on here!

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