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Yes, it is possible for blepharitis rosacea to mimic sebhorreic dermatitis. They are very closely related. In fact, I went to a dermatologist for another problem and she suggested that maybe I have it. But my ophthalmologist said no. The dermatologist had given me something called Elidel to put on my face and my eyelids. He said "put it on your face, but I don't know anything about it, so don't put it on your eyelids." I have to go by what he tells me, since he is the one who has been there for me all along and the one who would have to treat it if it affected my eyes. In fact, I don't have rosacea at all. When I was at the dermatologist, my face was very red and sore under my eyelids from a bad reaction to an eyedrop. My eye dr immediately took me off of it, but the symptoms of the reaction kinda made my face look like I had rosacea. The dermatologist diagnosed me with it and gave me medicine for it, but I don't have it. Cause a few days after I stopped the drops that I had a reaction to, the problem went away.

But it's a good idea to get a dermatologic consultation just to get an opinion and hear that side of it. I don't have the blepharitis as severely as you do, but yes my eyelids sometimes itch during the day. They used to burn a lot but the dexamethasone ointment that I am using seems to be helping with that. I'm not saying that it is for everyone, but when you find a good doctor you may want to ask about something called Tobradex ointment.

It is such a shame that you are not having any luck finding a doctor. I will tell you that although it is not good for a doctor to be "rough" during an exam, it does sound like he gave you a fairly thorough exam. My dr has definitely flipped my eyelids before to examine them. I don't remember if he did it the first time I saw him, but it isn't out of the ordinary. In fact, it's good that he did, because your eyelids need to be carefully examined. My doctor also ALWAYS presses on my eyelids (upper and lower) at the base of the lashes to see if there is any sort of discharge or oil coming out of the clogged tear glands. But there is no need to be rough when doing that. Obviously your eyelids are extremely sensitive right now. Any sort of touch is going to be uncomfortable. Did he ask you if his pressing was causing you any sort of pain or discomfort. I usually come right out and tell my dr when I am in discomfort, and then he sounds like a broken record "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...." over and over again!" LOL! One time I think he said sorry about 50 times! LOL! It was very funny, actually!

So anyway, did he say that you DEFINITELY have blepharitis? Because if you do, then I'll tell you that warm compresses are the usual treatment (usually made with warm water and baby shampoo, to clean the eyelids) along with some kind of anti-biotic or allergy drop, depending on if the dr thinks your blepharitis is allergic or bacterial. The oral anti-biotic Doxycycline is sometimes used because one of the "side effects" of long term use is that it clears out and unclogs the meibomian glands! But in the meantime, plain warm water compresses a few times a day can only help.

I hope you get to see a good dr soon, one that you will like and feel is going to give you proper treatment. It is so important to have confidence in your doctor. It might be a good idea for you to call the ophthalmology department of a major teaching hospital (I am sure you have one in your area) and ask who they have that specializes in external diseases of the eye. Also tell them that you are looking for someone with some compassion. Or you can go on the American Academy of Ophthalmology web site. [url=""][/url] and click on the tab in the upper left hand corner of the page to "find an eye m.d." I happened to have a lot of luck by just pulling a name out of the phone book, but what are the chances of that happening?

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that the appointment didn't go well. Do you have an family doctor who you could call and ask for a recommendation to an ophthalmologist? Don't be discouraged. I promise you that there is a doctor out there who you will like and will be able to help you. There has to be. Start asking around to all of your friends and other family members (we've already ruled out your mother in law!). Somewhere, you will find the care that you are looking for and deserve.

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