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I think that the reason that my eyes are not that red (although they do get red at times) is because I am using the steroid drops. They seem to get rid of the redness but not the itching and irritation. I asked my dr about this a while ago and the way that he explained it is that the anti-inflammatory mechanism in the drops is working well enough to keep the redness down, but the same mechanism is not working on the itching. I also used FML 0.1% and it did help a tiny bit. It occasionally gave me a few minutes of relief. But the thing is, it has preservatives in it that were irritating my eyes. So, my dr found out about a compunding pharmacy in California that specializes in making sterile ophthalmic formulations, and they can make them with or without preservatives. So, we started getting the FML 0.1% preservative free, as well as many of my other eye medications including my dexamethasone ointment from them. The only bad thing about preservative free drops is that they have to be kept cold after opening, or they will go bad. So, they ship it to me by Fed-Ex overnight, and I put it right in the fridge. When I take them out of the house I have to carry a "mini lunch pack" cooler with me (it's small enough to fit in my purse). Well, I had been using the 0.1% drops and they only helped a little bit. Then my dr found out that they also make FML pf drops in 0.25% strength. He decided to order that for me, and it has helped a lot. I still do not feel GOOD, but it has cut down on the inflammation of my tear glands andthus reduced my need for artificial tears to about 7-10 times a day instead of 10 or 15 times a day. Yes, I still have a few really bad days per week where no matter what I do, I have to use tears every 10 minutes. But it is better. As long as my Intra-Ocular Presssure continues to stay within normal range, I can use the steroid drops. He checks it at least once every 2 weeks, if not more. So I'm not concerned.

I also asked my dr about Restasis, and whether or not it can be used as an anti-inflammatory in general, and not just for people who have dry eyes. He said yes. It serves as an anti-inflammatory for the entire eye, not just the tear glands. I can't wait for it to come out. He says there is a possibility that I may be allergic to it (I was badly allergic to the last Cyclosporine drop that I used, but that may just be due to the formulation of it). So I have to try it, and I'll see him about a week after I start using it but if I have any sort of reaction, I have to call him right away. When I had an allergic reaction to the Cyclosporine the last time, my entire face from my upper eyelids to my cheekbones got beet red and was very sensitive to the touch. My eyes were hurting and burning so badly that I could hardly keep them open. My skin was so red that we thought I might have had Cellulitis in my face. But as soon as I stopped using the Cyclosporine this all went away. Some sort of reaction was expected, but he said that what I had was too severe for me to continue using it. :( So, I will be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying that Restasis works better for me, since it is a different formulation. He said that if we can get my eyes to tolerate it, he thinks it will make a big difference. I am praying.

So, it comes out sometime this coming week, and in the meantime my prescription is burning a hole in my pocket! :) [img][/img] I am going to call my pharmacy monday morning and see when they will be getting it. I wanna get it filled already!

If anybody is able to get it before me, please let me know how it is. I will do the same. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work for all of us!


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