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If you have blocked oil glands that are sore, you probably have the same thing we do....meibomian oil gland dysfuntion. Please ask the doctor whether you have this next time you see him. In my case, the oil glands get so blocked that the oily layer of the tear is not produced and does not coat the watery tears and therefore the tears evaporate off my eyes making them super dry.

I am not sure why you are not having some residual effect on the dryness of your eyes if your oil glands are blocked. If they are blocked, you should be doing the warm compresses contrary to what he says to unblock them and stop them getting sore.

I think the schirmer test would also be beneficial in your case to measure whether your eyes might be a little dry even though you cannot really feel it. I scored a perfect ZERO tears on a number of my schirmer tests, making my eyes severly dry due to the oil gland blockages.

If this doctor does not give you any satisfaction you should try and find another (I know this is a pain in the neck) , preferably one who does not specialise in glaucoma and cataracts but inflammatory eye disease etc. I have seen 4 opthamologists until I found my current one..some did not have a clue., apologised for not being able to cure me and told me to let them know what the problem was when I found out...can you believe that!

Good luck thoughts are with you.

PS Just out of interest, do you have any problems with the skin on your face???

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The doctor I saw yesterday is an external disease specialist. He's not my regular ophthalmologist. Anyway, when I pressed him on the phone yesterday, he said a "couple" of my oil glands were blocked, but should not be causing the agonizing burning symptoms.

I do have facial skin problems (acne). It's the same acne I've had since I was 14. I've looked up rosacea (since I know you can have blepharitis caused by rosacea), but I don't have any of the symptoms. Actually, my eye problems started after I started to see my dermatologist to clear up my skin once and for all. I only have very mild acne, but thought it would be nice to have clear skin for once in my life! (I'm 42) I'm sorry I ever went! I'm not convinced my eye problems are not related to all the topical/oral stuff I tried. I know it is far-fetched, but hey, if weird things are going to happen, I'm your gal!! LOL
I got a response on that other board from a reader that's a bit more helpful than what the doctor said! I know we can't mention other websites here, but I think it is ok to paste the comment I received. I welcome opinions on this matter. It's late and I'm not thinking clearly :)

"I read your post yesterday and finally asked hubby (a retired optometrist) for his thoughts on your problem. These are his exact words:

If anybody has been overmedicated, you have. Stop all medication, use Refresh profusely (available at the drug store without an Rx, get the small single use plastic vials) and they also make a night-time that is more viscous, it used to be called Celluvisc, but Refresh makes it. This is in the eyedrop section of your local drug store, Walmart, etc.

According to hubby, your diagnosis is, whether your eyes feel dry or not all the time, you have severe dry eye syndrome.

You cannot overuse the Refresh. The individual vials contain no preservative. You can swim in it, it won't hurt you no matter how much you use. It will only restore the balance of your tear film.

Half of your problem could be the result of the preservative that's been in all the medications you've been putting in your eyes.

The worst cases of dry eye hubby has ever seen were in patients who took Accutane (don't know if what you took is related but thought that was interesting). One lady took almost two years for her to get the proper oil balance back in her tear ducts.

Hubby says it's terribly hard to diagnose without seeing the patient but feels pretty confident in your situation. Your medications have completely screwed up the oil balance in your mybomian (sp?) glands, and everything else you have taken has just made things worse. Those little white things are blocked mybomian glands.

Wishing you all the best, and hope this helps."


I am very sorry to hear that you are not getting the support that you need from those closest to you when you are in pain and totally confused about what is going on. I have lived in this state for 12 months now and have been told by family that all my problems/symptoms (except my eyes) are stress related when I know thay are not. Needless to say I have been very frustrated, felt alone and depressed by all these problems. It is very overwhelming at times.

I am actually having a better day with the burning and dryness today which makes me very suspicious about hormones as I just finished my periods and during those 5 days, my eyes felt awful...the oil glands seem to get more blocked than usual making my eyes drier and hence burn more.

If any eye specialists want to out you on antibiotics to unblock the oil glands, it would be a good idea to ask about doxycycline as it has worked the best for me so far out of all the antibiotics I have tried. I hve also read that this helps more than other types.

I really hope that you feel better emotionally and physically and hopefully writing on this board helps. I know it helsp me when I am feeling pretty crappy.

I am thinking of you. be strong and hang in there

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