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I have a concern that I'm wondering any of you might be able to shed some light on.
I seemed to have popped some blood vessels in my right eye. On the white part of the eye, there is what seems to be popped blood vessels? It's not like little dots, but more like a fingerprint of blood? It's on the inside & top of the eye, covering about 35-40% of the white of the entire eye. It doesn't hurt, and I can see fine. It feels a little dry with the contact in, but has no pain.

How it happened is a bit of a long story, but we had a long drinking night and I suppose the testosterone was flowing too much. From what I understand, a friend & I got into a little wrestling match and I noticed my eye the next day. I lost the contact in that eye that night and was also vomiting the next morning.

I'm wondering if the blood mark on the eye could have been caused from vomiting, a finger poked in the eye, or possibly from me touching it when it was irritated that night (possibly thinking the contact was still in my eye).

Should I be wearing my contacts? I have been for about 8-9 hours a day since it happened 3 days ago.
Also, how long does something like this take to go away?

And yes, it was a VERY stupid thing to do, and I won't be getting out of control like that anymore.

Thanx in advance to anyone who has any insight on this!

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