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hello, can someone please help!!! i recently bought a new computer and it was killing my eyes from the start it felt like and, this is going to make me sound like a donkey kong but, it felt like radiation was coming off monitor and seeping into my head. the next day the muscles around my eyes were all sore and eyes were extremly sensitive to light. after investigating computer i found that i had a faulty video card in it.
i have been to 2 different eye doctors and they find nothing wrong other then some slight irritation in eyes. i have completly stopped using computer other then writing this letter, and found that since i stopped being on it my eyes have gotten even worse.
i have been living with like a glare around objects and eyes being highly sensitive to light for like 7 months now and it wont go away, its like when you look at the sun and then turn away, except mine hasnt gone away..i cant even go into shopping stores do to the lights they use. ive tried eye drops, eye vitamins and many other
things...what i dont understand though is why eyes are worse since abandoning computer all together..the only thing i can think of is that my eyes are so use to looking at computer that way and is finding hard to adjust from not being on it..someone please make it go away...i had to drop out of school becuz of it..and guess what? im going to school for computers and i cant even look at them...

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