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Hey guys, I have had a chronic problem with irritation in my left eye. Every time I blink, I get a scratchy, irritated sensation. I am actually not sure if its my eye or eye lid, but either way, the doctors don't seem to be able to even see the problem. At first, they just blamed it on dry eyes, which I do have and have been treating with Restasis. However, the dry eyes is only indirectly related.

About 10 months ago when I got the dry eyes, I had to switch from contacts to glasses. About that time was when it started bothering me. Recently after busting my glasses, I had to wear my contacts for a couple weeks. I found out that wearing my contacts makes the problem go away almost completely. Very strange, but true. But the contacts do dry out my eyes and give me eyestrain, so I can't continue to wear them.

The doctors, though, just shrug it off like it must be in my head because they can't see it. The last opthamologist I saw seemed really irritated that I even visited him to discuss it like I was wasting his time. But it really bothers me a LOT when I'm wearing my glasses, and it's always there. Do you guys have any suggestions or advice for me? I'd seriously consider driving a good distance (from San Antonio) to see somebody if I thought it would be helpful.

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