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Hi Ben,
I have just registered here after reading your description of this problem, which must be exactly what I suffer last 2 months. I am in process of searching the net for clues.
In my case a contributing factor may be moisture from my eyes kind of leaking onto the skin near the outer eye corners at times, possibly during sleep.
At about the same time this problem first appeared I have noticed occasional skin eruption spot in my hair. These are larger and not the same as the small red dots near my eyes, but it could be linked.

Have you find anything helpful yet?

[QUOTE=Ben There;277804]I'm new to this particular "area", so please go easy on my ignorance. This question will elevate me to the coveted position of "senior member" ~ so lah-tee-dah...

Seriously [img][/img] , for over a year I've been plagued by recurring red dots under the outside corners of both of my eyes. When brought up to the GP (PCP), I was told not to worry about it. They haven't gone away and continue to concern me. They don't stay in the same exact locations, but pop-up in the same regions over and over and over.

I've tried applying neutral moisturizers - no help. Some mini-samples of "ELIDEL" yielded limited and temporary relief. I don't care to experiment with insecticides or other chemical warfare in such a delicate region. Even the anti-allergy prescription eye drops I had didn't help (nor did the anti-biotic ones).

I would hope it can't be fungal.

I lived in Turkey for 6 months, 23 years ago. I saw similar dots on myself and some other "Americans" - which remained a mystery when brought-up to medical personnel. Those dots tended to orient themselves "below the waist".

Anyone know of this condition ??? [img][/img]

HELP !!!

Am I here, yet ???

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