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Hi RCE-ers,

Some words from me (an RCE die-hard for 9 years now, and still going strong).

Lately things are going OK. No major erosions, just sometimes a 'naked' feeling of my eye, as an indication that in the early hours of my sleep something minor happened. Maybe it's the warm, humid weather lately, which as you all know, is good for our condition.

Based on your discussions, some tips that may be of help:

Tip 1: Drops in the early hours
What I do in the early hours is use drops frequently. I don't have to wake up completely while using them (as opposed to the ointment, see below) and it keeps me out of trouble for an hour or so.

Tip 2: Use of the ointment
What I do is the following:
1. Lie down
2. Make an ointment line of 1 cm (i.e. short enough to not let it break)
3. Pull the lower eyelid down. Open your eyes wide. Have your pupil look upwards and towards your nose (diagonally). Carefully lower the tube (do not touch the eye-ball with the tube tip). Let the ointment drop in your eye while moving upwards. When the tip touches the upper eye-lid (formally not allowed to avoid infections, but it doesn't work otherwise) the ointment line should have been broken (wiped) in your eye.
4. repeat step 2 and 3 three times, while still keeping your eye open.
5. The vision shall be blurry now. Wait several seconds and then close your eye. When you have closed your eye no ointment is noticeable when moving your fingertip over your closed eye, meaning all ointment has indeed disappeared!
6. This may be funny: with your eyes closed have the eyeball rotate in your eyes, in circular movements for several seconds (this is intended to spread the ointment under the eyelids)
7. Keep your eye shut continously before falling asleep, even when going to the toilet to avoid wasting ointment. In the morning you'll find that some ointment has migrated to the outerside of the eyelid.

Not at all scientifically proven, but on the other hand, what has science brought for our condition?
Welcome Faith, Praying and mdlawstdnt :)

I was so disheartened to be without this board while I found a way to get back on - I had to switch ISPs! I'm nearly 7 weeks post-PTK. I had a major erosion about a week and 1/2 ago. My eye feels completely normal now. It mostly was my fault for not continuing lubrication -- NEVER, EVER again!! I also use the mask at night to keep my lid shut. At least my doc. prescribed pain meds! :) That was a first! My vision is steadily improving.

Despite the episode, I'm still quite confident. We're moving to NM soon. My doc said dry climates *can* be good for erosions (though bad for dry eye). It helps lessen the natural swelling of the eye at night. I don't really seem to suffer from very bad dry eye syndrome.

I bought a supply of clear-lens glasses & sunglass that I wear constantly to protect my eyes (I don't need Rx glasses).

TX, I'm so glad to hear you're getting some relief! :)

Squirrel, I agree about Muro; it never helped me at all. The best night-time ointment for me is Erythramiacin (sp?). My doc(s) use it mostly for lubrication as most people are long-since resistant to its antibiotic properties. After that, Refresh PM or Lacrilube worked better than other OTCs.

Faith & Praying (how cool are those screen names together! :) AMEN)!, I've heard too that erosions themselves ruin vision.

One thing I've come to realize is that this condition is different for each person. There's nothing set in stone - not even laser. PTK may be 90+% effective but there's still 10% who may need retreatment. It also takes time (months) to tell is a treatment will work.

Man! It feels good to be back! Better close this post!

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