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Hey Squirrel, good to hear from ya. Thankfully, last night, no erosion! I just mentally kept telling myself to open my eye very slowly when I woke up. My eye was almost matted shut with crust. I went to the eye doc yesterday, but he gave me depressing news. He told me to just learn to tolerate my problem for at least a year, and then consider laser surgery. He did not book a return visit. Basically, I got the impression that he just wants to get rid of me as a patient. He told me that he was suprised that the puncture procedure had left so much scarring. Gee thanks doc. I tried to be positive and told him that I was planning on waiting until the technology improved. He shook his head and said that there was nothing on the horizon for a long time to treat this condition. The Exicer laser is as good as it gets. According to him, the mucus discharge is my eye reacting to the erosions. My theory is that I went so long without a major erosion that when it happened, my immune system kicked on, and started doing this. On a positive note, he did state that the corneal haze was gone which explains why the ghost vision finally stopped. It's just so depressing to hear a doctor tell you just to go home and live with it. The ironic thing is that a few months ago, I was told the same thing when I developed nonstop ringing in my ears. I feel like I'm cursed or something.
Hi guys. Well I can report a small bit of good news. Finally one night with no erosion after like a week. My eye returned to white color after staying red since Wednesday. Thankfully, the mucus discharge has stopped as well. That was so annoying giving me what I call grease vision. I am going to start the steroid treatment today. The drops that I have are called tobradex and the oral pills are called minocycline. If this doesn't work, then my next plan is to seek help at this alternative medicine clinic. Hell, I would do a naked voodoo dance at this point. RCE is draining my bank account, making life miserable, and making it hard to do my job. Rosed, are you near sighted? The PRK would be risky for me becaus I'm so near sighted. Did they do both eyes at the same time?
Well, since I've already paid for these drops, (30 bucks for a small bottle), I might as well go ahead and try them first. I'm happy to report that my eyes are doing well today. Two nights with no erosions, and my eye color is beautifully white again. The mucus discharge as stopped as well, so maybe the drops are helping!! I am concerned because I accidently touched the tip of the dropper to my finger. The contact was very brief, but did I ruin the drops? They warn again touching the dropper to any surface. I have small eyes so it's so hard to get these drops in.

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