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Hi Elyse,

Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope that it has improved since your post and also your sense of balance has returned. How long is it until the MS drugs start working? It sounds a bit like the Restasis. Does it also have a cumulative effect in the body over time?

Yes, I saw World Idol and think that Guy is great, however it was disappointing that the rest of the world did not agree. Kelly was awesome and I thoight that she should have won. American Idol 3 is about to be shown here at the end of january.

Well I have been away for a week up the coast and my allergy to the sun, resulted in a major flare up on both my hands and arms with a giant red itchy rash appearing, even though I used plenty of sun screen and wore a sun shirt (up to my elbows). I could have scratched my skin off, it was so itchy. Nothing really helps to ease it other than time out of the sun. Sort of put a dampener on the holiday a little for me, however the rest of the family had a great time. I hear that it is absolutely freezing in the eastern states.....hope you are keeping rugged up and warm.

My eyes are feeling OK, although yesterday, my left eye was bothering me. I do not seem to have the same problems with the mucous etc. The only stuff tht ever comes out of my eyes is the residue from all the gels and drops. I think that the new creams and drops will eventually be available here and it will probably be the same as Restasis as they will be unregistered and untested initially. With the restasis, the doctor has to justify every six months that the drop are helping before we are allowed to have another six months supply shipped in from the US....great huh!!

The colonoscopy sounds like fun! Actually I really need to have one as I have been having ongoing problems and need to make sure that whatever is going on with both my stomach and bowels is not too sinister. Thanks for the tip on the eye drops as well. I would not have thought about that.
Catch you later and take greate care
Hey everybpdy! Sorry I haven't been here in a few days. I have got 8 midcro-abrasions on the cornea of my left eye. Appaerently my eye got so dry (the left one is always drier than the right.) that just blinking caused these tiny abrasions. I was on Vigamox anti-biotic drops for a week, as well as FML steroid ointment once a day because the surface of the eye was so inflamed. I went back today and unfortunately my eye has not gotten much better. I still have the abrasions and even though they have healed slightly, the surface of the eye is even more inflamed than it was before. My doctor thinks that while the Vigamox is a great anti-biotic, my eye is so irritated that such a strong medicine inflamed the surface even more. He thinks it was too strong for me in this particular case. So he took me off of that and put me on one that is slightly weaker so I won't be irritated. In addition, since the surface is soooo inflamed, I need to use the steroid ointment 3 times a day, much to our dismay. (we know that eventually, steroids will make my pressure go up and we wanted to stay away from them.)

I am feeling better since I stopped the Vigamox though. The steroid ointment is helping too. I go back in a week for another follow-up, unless of course I feel worse before then.

So in addition to the prescribed medicine, I am using tears about 15 times a day because my eyes are sooooooo dry. I seem to go through these periods evey few months or so when they just get worse. Then they sort of maintain themselves for a little while, maybe get slightly better, and then get worse again. It's a vicious cycle. The hot compresses don't really seem to be working, but they do at least make my eyelids feel less itchy and crusty.

Amy, the only way that you'd be able to tell for sure if you have clogged meibomian glands is for an ophthalmologist to examine you and look at them. Also, sometimes my eyelids stick together and some people say that they can see oil coming out of their clogged glands, especially after they use a hot compress. Good luck with the new ophthalmologist! I hope he is able to help you!

I totally understand your confusion about why you were sentenced to have dry eyes. Mine came on pretty much overnight too. After I stopped wearing my contact lenses (which I tried for two weeks but they kept falling out) my eyes felt fine. But then one day a few months later (coincidentally, right after 9/11) I started having these problems. And they haven't let up since. Nobody can really tell me why I have dry eyes. We know I have meibomian gland dysfunction, but why do I have that? In my case, the theories include allergies and auto-immune disease (sjogrens). My neurologist says that my Multiple Sclerosis can't cause dry eyes, but I think that anything is possible. I mean, why haven't any of the treatments worked? God knows I've tried them all. I think that if MS can cause nerve damage, why can't it cause damage to the nerves that make the eye produce tears? It's a long shot to say that it would cause damage to the nerves that tell the eye to produce the oily layer of tears, but I wonder if it's possible.

After almost 3 years, I feel like I'm never going to find a cure. I'm not even looking for a cure anymore. I just want a suitable treatment.

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