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Thanks for your advice about the chinese herbs. I was initially skeptical of what the naturopath said, as his explanation sounded somewhat far fetched. However, he has published two books and has people flying into Sydney from all over Australia to see him, so I figure he must know what he is talking about. Anyway, desperate times call for desperate measures, so I am willing to give it a go and see what happens.

I have been on the herbs for over one week now and have felt a very MINOR improvement in the dryness of my eyes. As I am one day out from my periods which is traditionally the very worse time for my eyes, I can honestly say that I have not been feeling as bad as I normally do. I will also be starting the pill within the next day or so and cannot wait to see if there is an overall improvement in my eyes. I am praying that something is going to work.

Sorry to hear that your eyes are feeling so bad. You never seem to get a break, however I was very thankful to hear that you did not have an abrasion on your cornea. You must have been incredibly relieved. Have your pressures come down since you started the new drops? It is ridiculous that you have to take one drop to counter the effect of another, but what other option is there. I mean, if you do not use the steroids, you almost cannot open your eyes (I know that feeling) and if you do, your pressures go up and you get blurred vision. It is totally NOT fair. Does your eye doctor have any other ideas???

I have started to lose some of the eyelashes on my bottom eyelid (right eye) due to some white bumps below the lash line. As it is was not bad enough that I am still losing scalp hair, now I am also losing lashes...just what I need!!!

When will you get your sjogrens blood test results?

Take care

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