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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone out there has experienced what I have because I'm at a loss on what to do.

I'm a high myope. -10 in contacts and -13/-11 in glasses. I was recently seen by an optho for cloudy vision in my right eye. She diagnosed me with "dry eye" and told me to lay off of my lenses and keep my eyes lubricated.

A couple of days after that, I noticed a flash of light in my peripheral vision. It sort of travels upward on a curve (it doesn't stand still). I noticed it in my right eye when I woke up (dark room). After having it happen a few more times, I went back to the optho and saw a different MD. She told me to "monitor" them and that they were unrelated to my dry eye and pretty much had a 'don't worry about it" attitude, but that I should come back if I feel it's worse etc. She did acknowledge that I had some retinal thinning -to which she also told me not to stress myself over it, as it is just a chronic condition of being a high myope.

That was about 3 days ago. The light flashes now happen frequently, and has also started happening in my left eye. This happens when my eyes are open or closed, in a dark room and in a lit room. I even saw it once while riding the bus. But what really has me freaked out are the falshes of light that look like a perfect circles in my central vision. I told her about it, to which she said "mhmm" as she wrote in my chart. It had only happened once at that time.

Well, today I'm almost positive that it happened in my sleep, because I mentioned it -in my dream. Then, upon waking, I saw the halo multiple times, and after blinking, it flashed several times again -the room was dark.

I don't know what I'm dealing with here. She made an appt (at my insistence) to see a retina specialist, but that isn't until mid Nov. I don't know if I'm dealing with an oncoming detachment, PVD, or what. And to be honest, I don't feel like these doctors appreciate the fear and stress I'm under. They haven't told me *why* this is happening or anything useful.

Can anyone shed some light on this, please?
I am also a high myope (-10.5 contacts) and am at high risk for retinal detachment. I would be terrified if I had your symptoms and would insist on an emergency appointment with the retina specialist. My husband (long-standing type I diabetic) had retinal detachment symptoms and they made him wait almost 2 months. He is nearly blind in that eye now from waiting so long. Go to the Emergency Room of your best hospital if you have to and tell them you're really worried about it and don't want to go blind.

I'm not telling you this to scare you unnecessarily, but your eyesight is too precious and it seems like to some doctors, you're just a paycheck.
Thank you for the reply. I completely agree with you. I plan to go back to that hospital and insist on having my retinas examined. It's amazing to me, how lax they can be regarding a person's eyesight -and this is the "prestigious" NY Eye & Ear Infirmary. Just flooring.
I am not sure if this is what you are dealing with, or not. BUT I have had this a few times over the last few YEARS, and I mean only like 4 times or so. They come as shimmers or flashes around the "outer" visual field. These were explained to me as occular migraines. They occur from a lack of oxygen to the back of the brain (the visual field). They should only last about 20-30 minutes. Mine sometimes last about an hour. This is perfectly normal, and you don't have to have a headache with them, but sometimes you can. It sounds somewhat like that is what you are experiencing, but I would totally see someone who really knows. I wish you all the luck and let us know what you find out!;)
I found your post because I am having similar symptoms. I was struck in my right eye by a ball and (immediately) had a "vitreous detachment" (according to optometrist). For about 10 minutes I had a greenish bright distortion that covered about 1/4 of my visual field. I have -8.0 diopter contacts in both eyes and had been warned previously about being prone to retina detachment, so that part was really frightening. I had a residual dark spot opposite where the ball struck me (due to flipping by retina), so I went to a retina specialist, who could not see anything but said it was probably a bruised retina. As he predicted, the dark spot gradually faded.

But! Now it has been a couple of weeks and I'm having different symptoms. So far it only happens just as I am waking up. Why would that be??? What I see is a bright spot out of the upper corner of my lateral peripheral vision (towards my ear) -- that "falls" down in an arc -- streaking like a meteor out of the corner of my eye. The spot seems to be circle-shaped. It happens mostly on the SAME side as my eye got struck, but a couple times has happened on the opposite side (towards my nose, where my problem was initially) - sometimes at the same time or in rapid succession. Although my "bruise" was down and to the left, the streaking light begins either "up and to the right" or "up and to the left", and then falls. It has only happened as I am waking up - either in the morning or if I'm shifting around in the middle of the night. I see it whether or not my eyes are open.

I am going back to the retina specialist, but since he was unable to see anything even right after my injury, I have little hope that he'll be able to give me an explanation. If anyone knows why some kind of visual disturbance would happen only on waking, or why I would be seeing things on the SAME side as a trauma, please let me know. And NYDoll if you find out anything, please post back here!


PS. I also started taking some new medication around the time this started, but since it's happening in the same eye that I got hit by a ball with, I'm thinking that it's not the medication.
I'm just going thru the same thing. Did a "google" and immediately made an appointment with a retina/vitreous specialist, as what I read indicated time was of the essence. In my case (5-10%) a retinal tear occured, which would lead to a retinal detachment and loss of vision in the affected eye.( up to this point I have had no eye concerns or problems) The doctor 'lasered' the tear, and I will see him Mon. 11/5 for probably the 'freezing' part of, for what appears to be, the procedure for this. The flashes seem'd to have stopped ( they were more prevalent in the dark,or at night) but a lot of 'stuff' seems to be 'drifting' around. Do an "eye floaters and flashes" goggle, and there is an abundance of info. It convinced me to bypass an optomitrist and see a specialist ASAP!( and I'm not a doctor person)-- good luck!
Thanks to everyone that have offered opinions and shared their problems. I hope everyone is in a better place now.

I finally saw a retina specialist a week ago and the issue seems to be that I have 2 tiny holes, one in each of my retina. It's not a complete tear or anything (Thank God), but they have a bit of fluid in them, which caused additional floaters and flashes.

According to the doctor, I'm not in any danger of retinal detachment yet, but it's in my best interest to get the laser surgery done asap to avoid letting the holes get any bigger. This will happen, in both eyes, on Jan. 14th.

I'm both nervous and relieved. Nervous because any kind of surgery scares me, but also relieved that it isn't something much worse.

My advice to anyone seeing flashes or a sudden appearance of floaters should see a retina specialist as soon as you can. The doctors I saw initially told me to come back in 6 months, paying no heed to my flashes. The specialist found my issue right away and is doing something about it.

Good luck, everyone! :)

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