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A couple of weeks ago I woke up and noticed a red spot next to my right eye, almost as if I had red eyeliner drawn from the crease (the side of my eye towards my ear). I ignored it since I've woken up with sore eyes before, but it has gotten progressively worse.

The skin started to get very sore and raw a few days ago, and it began to crust over a lot. It hurts a LOT if I try to brush the crust away. I visited my school nurse for a quick checkup and she put a cold gel on it (I'm sorry, I have no idea what it was) and told me it might be allergies but it could also be something serious, so to get a checkup. I have one scheduled for tuesday by the way.

Well, a couple of days ago it split open somehow, and it HURT. It has been getting slowly worse and worse, and today it split open again and bled a little. My eye is very crusty in the morning, but other that the sharp stinging from the raw/crusty skin next to the eye I can see just fine.

My other eye now has the same red crease next to it, though it's not sore at all yet. A lady at work today saw it and told me I should go to the hospital! It looks quite bad since it's deep red and the skin is very sore and raw. I absolutely haven't been touching it either, since it hurts!!

Any ideas what this could be??
Just wondering if you use any kind of face wash for acne or acne medication on your face?
As these are very drying especially around the eyes and corners of the mouth.

I have had this happen to me with red dry spots that hurt around the eye. Never cracked though.

I would put bag a balm on the spot and not use any acne meds for a week.
Then be very careful not to get close to these areas.
However if you dont use these products then seeking a medical opinion is the best way to find out the cause. Should seek doc opinion any way. Sounds very chapped or could be infected.

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