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without an eye exam? I had a terrible thing happen to my eye last winter (now that I'm in diagnostic phase of MS, I'm wondering if it was really pink eye).

I did wake up with it half closed shut and it was sore, but no pink eye gunk. I went to my GP, sure I had pink eye and asked him to prescribe antibiotics, which he examined me and he did. He looked at my eyes and said he think I'm right that I have pink eye. This lasted for about 5 days or so and I was sick along with it (just a general feeling of unwell).

What are the symptoms of ON compared to pink eye and can aregular GP tell the difference just by looking into my eyes with that light?

Also, this last month for my annual eye appointment, my optometrist, said my pressure in my eye was on the high end of normal for glaucoma and he wants to keep an eye on that. Isn't Glaucoma have something to do with the optic nerve and aren't they correlated somehow? I am only 38 years old and I can't imagine having glaucoma so young? (Is that young to have it starting?)

Thanks everyone.

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