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[QUOTE=Kari7171;3324455]I used the same kind of solution for 15 years and suddenly developed an allergy too it.

There are so many things it could be though. Optometrists can treat eye problems but in my experience they had no idea what was wrong with my eyes. I had to go to an opthomologyst which is an eye specialist with higher training in eye problems/diseases. I found out I have blepharitis/ocular rosacea. It causes my oil glands to plug and my eyes get all red usually just one eye at a time. It also makes it seem like I'm having allergies since my eyes become over sensitive to everything because of it.

Anyway it's really hard for anyone to diagnose you on a message board. A doctor needs to look at your eyes.[/QUOTE]

you basically describe my current condition down to the "one eye at a time" part. For some reason, I always get the red eye in one eye at a time, never both at the same time. For example, one eye would get red one day and the other eye would be red as the first one is healed. Does this happen to you only when you wear contacts?

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