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This is not something I have heard of from an eye injury but just thought I would respond. I would suggest going to see a different opthamologist. I have something similar but it's from something totally different as the cause. Turns out I have ocular rosacea and basically my oil glands in my eye lids get clogged and it causes dry eye problems and infections and I get bumps on the white of my eye off and on and it's all red and red veins shooting out from it. A lot of things can cause that symptom but the key is to find a good opthamologist that can figure out what to do and don't give up. I hope you can find someone to help her. I know how difficult it is dealing with a problem like this I'm 37 and people inquiring about my eye redness has really been horrible so I know how she feels. Mine are doing much better now with the proper treatment.

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