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I was wondering what kind of drops do you use upon awakening?.[/QUOTE]

I've used Refresh drops for years now. I've tried a few others but I kind of like the way regular Refresh drops work for me (not the Refresh gel but just the normal drops).

Also, I know you said you avoided erosions with this technique but I seem to get them while my eye is shut, I have read the R.E.M. movement of the eye while you are dreaming can do this..[/QUOTE]

According to my doctor this is not very likely to happen. Rather, it's more likely that you may be moving in your sleep causing the eyelid to rub against something. In other words, the force of the eyelid rubbing against the eye is a lot stronger then gentle eye movement which most likely just causes the eyelid to "move with" the eye. I believe movement of the "eyelid" is far more likely to cause erosions than movement of the "eye" itself.

But, if the epithelium is already severly eroded away then it may be possible than almost anything is going to cause your eye to feel pain even blinking during the day. I personally have found (many years back) that during the day when my eyes feel irritated or just kind of "scratchy" then warming Muro 128 ointment and applying it during the day has always been a benefit for me. Nowadays, I'm just experimenting with Dwelle drops but if I ever get that scratchy feeling I would probably warm the Muro and if that feeling were a bad scratchy feeling I would most likely also just lay down on my back, eye closed and relaxed for about 20 minutes. This allows the epithelial cells to "fill in the gap."

You have to think of your epithelium as having a certain "thickness" and when you have an erosion, the surrounding cells "fill in the gap" thus causing the epithelium to now be thinner than before the erosion. This leads to greater sensitivity and makes one more prone to having more erosions due to the thin and painful epithelium. So, it's important to "be on your guard" every morning, apply drops before moving the eye so that the epithelial cells can regenerate and create a thicker epithelium which can take months but the process slowly reverses thus making it far less likely to have erosions due to the REM or the eyelid pressing against something in your sleep.

I usually have gotten my erosions Before I even open my eye!! I wanted to know what you thought about that? .[/QUOTE]

Right - as per my above explanation, it's because you have had some bad erosions and each time your epithelium gets thinnner and basically "erodes away" faster than your body can "build it back." So, you have to be on your guard each morning and put in plenty of drops and SLOWLY open your eyes allowing the process to reverse so that your epithelium will be thicker again. Also, I would consider Dwelle drops during the day.

[QUOTE=judy7;3408233] I have learned to keep it shut, and just open the other one that is still erosion free. The shut one is so dry it wouldn't open very easy unless I use drops. .[/QUOTE]

Yes - isn't that wonderful? When your eye feels cemented shut like that, you almost can't make the mistake of moving your eyelid before applying drops. But, if you don't know the technique and you force your eyelids open then you just get this massive erosion; know what I mean?

Personally, I think you should consider trying to keep both eyes gently shut and just apply the drops to whatever eye needs it and then gently open them. [B]In other words, learn to apply the drops in pitch darkness[/B]. If you awaken in the middle of the night, you just grab the drops from the nightstand, apply as needed, no lights, and just go back to sleep.

I think when you start to use the technique and get really good at it sometimes I get careless and lazy about it and I can really get away with a lot (because my epithelium has thickened). But, I know the difference between when my eye really feels stuck in the morning and I know not to "force it open" versus when it feels more OK in the morning. But, when you are starting out, you want as few cells as possible "sloughing off" so it's very important to add drops and be very cautious. Also, make sure the tip of the bottle touches the scalera (white) of the eye by the nose while laying on your back. The drops go in a lot faster and lubricate the eye and you can feel them become "unstuck" in 10-20 seconds.

All the best,

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