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The syptoms you are describing sounds like pink eye to me. (I currently have it myself, right now). Wearing your contacts while you have pink eye can cause cornea damage as well as make your pink eye worse. If you wore your contacts while you had pink eye and then you wore the same contacts again, either while you had the pink eye or after your eyes were healed, all you were doing is reinfecting your eyes with the pink eye. This could be why your eyes keep doing this.

You need to throw out any contacts that came into contact with the pink eye. You need to wash your hands frequently and wash your pillow cases every night. Dry your hands with paper towels instead of towels. Throw out old makeup that may have been used while you had the pinkeye, especially liners and mascara. Don't put your contacts back in until your pinkeye is gone. See your dr. about getting drops, especially if you have bacteria pinkeye.

Never wear your contacts so long. You are damaging your cornea as well as robbing it of much needed oxygen. I have worn contacts for over 20 years and because of this my corneas have suffered from lack of oxygen. When this happens your eyes will grow additional blood vessels in the whites of your eyes to try to get more oxygen. These blood vessels will never go away and your whites will always have a pinkish tint because of it. This is what my eyes look like all the time. I am in the process of getting the new synergeyes contacts.

Take care of your eyes and get your pinkeye treated....I feel your pain, it is horrible. Try black or green tea bags on your eyes several times a day for 20 really helps fast.

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