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Hi Keela
Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful reply.

Just to clarify, when I say the spots are moncular, I mean they appear in one eye at a time, though I experience them in both eyes. they are not symmetrical.

I do experience migraine with aura, with the typical scintillating scotoma in both eyes (as well as the pins and needles and numbness on one side of mouth and thraot, confusion, inability to articulate etc). I've had that since I was a kid.

The spots start out really bright and white and intense then fade to grey blobs over a period of weeks like yours do. What I find interesting is the way they respond to the color of whatever I am looking at. They are light against black and dark against white.

I don't know if this is significant, but I noticed that a "new" one will appear opaque black when I look at a fluroscent light with sunglassses on, then appear light grey when I take them off.

The spots also vary in intensity, seemingly randomly. One might almost fade to a light streak one minute, then I blink hard a few times and it's large and darker.

I'm driving myself nuts analyzing the "behaviour" of these damned things and am always distracted by them, and it makes me really "not present" when I'm with other people or trying to do other things.

The German doc said I fit into the category of retinal (ocular) migraines and they may have developed from the more typical migraines with aura.

I'm assuming I have both periperhal and central scotomas because sometimes when I look at an Amsler grid to check a new one, it falls beyond the borders. Would that be an accurate assumption?

Re the OCT: I understand it may not isolate a specific disease, but it would it identify damage of any kind in a general way, wouldn't it?

I'm really in two minds about pursuring this further at the moment. On the one hand, knowing would certainly equipt me for whatever is in store, vision-wise, and probably lessen my anxiety as a result.

On the other hand, by not knowing I can at least hope that it's a relatively benign process and will not lead to blindness (though of course i worry myself sick about that possibility).

Arghh. Out damned spots!

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