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I got pink eye for the first time 2 weeks ago. It just so happens I had a regular eye appt. on the same day I woke up with pink eye (in my right eye, although it was in both eyes by the next morning). This was my 2nd visit to the same eye clinic, the first time was a week prior...I'm wondering if I picked up the pink eye from there....My eye dr. told me it was viral pink eye and prescribed me cortisone steriod drops and told me to keep my contacts out.

I've been VERY careful. I have washed my pillow cases every day. I wash my hands with antibacterial soap about a hundred times a day and I use papertowels instead of towels. I threw out all my old make up and if I have somewhere important that I have to go where I need to wear make up I wear brand-new and then I throw it away. I always use new. When I wash my eyes I use a different cotton ball for each eye, each time.

I've been wearing my glasses daily. There have been 3 times I had to wear my contacts but I used a brand-new pair (disposables) each time and threw them and cases away and only wore the lenses for no more than 2 hours each time. The rest of the time I am in the glasses.

I have used the cortisone drops, saline solution, baby shampoo and green tea compresses.

Strangely my eyes do not itch or water or are even red anymore, even when I'm not using the cortisone drops (which are supposed to get rid of the red). When I wake up my eyelashes aren't stuck together anymore but there is usually some yellow gunk in the corners. Does this mean I still have pink eye? How will I know for sure when it is gone? My eye dr. has ordered me synergeyes contact lenses and I'm waiting for them to come in. I'm so excited about getting them but if the pink eye is still there I can't wear them. These lenses are like $200 a pair and I don't want to ruin them. Of course I'm sure my eye dr. should be able to tell me if the pink eye is gone or not but I want to get rid of it!! It's been 2 weeks....I didn't think it would last this long.

Any suggestions for me? Does anyone know how you can tell if the pink eye is gone for good and safe to wear contacts again? This is my frist time ever having pink eye so this is all new to me.

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