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I can see my heartbeat in my eyes, and I have the circles in my vision when moving my eyes too far to the left or right. I have seen these exact symptoms described over and over in a forum which was open between 2004 and 2007. I am very interested in knowing whether anyone has found out any information about these symptoms and whether or not these are serious issues. I have had these problems, along with delayed vision, floaters, and exreme sunlight sensitivity. I have done numerous tests with doctors and all have come back negative. Any information about these issues would be greatly appreciated,




I have the same exact thing.
Mine started with a semi-circle in my right eye, outside edge.
Then when I move from a lighted space to a dark space and move my eyes as you said I see a flashing all the way to the right.

I ended up in the emergency room and the eye doctor the next day. He said it is common with people who who are very near-sighted, which I am.
It is basically the gel in the eye has separated from the retina. It could be a tear or not, mine was not. I did see a new batch of floaters. Like a glob.

Now I do see that heartbeat you are talking about! It seems to happen in certain types of lighting(floater prone environments) And when all the floaters settle down and I hold my eye still!

It's just damned odd!
I called my doctor yesterday and he never called back so I don't know what it is. I feel like a nut!

I am an axiety prone person and VERY sensitive to my sight. It's almost like I must hold very still and breath very shallow to see it.

If I find out more info I will pass it along but half of me wnats to know nothing and just get on living.
Take care,
Wow, how funny that someone else has this as well. I can often see my heart beating in my eyes. I sit there and see the 'thump thump thump' of my heart.
I also have had floaters for years. I see the circles at the sides of my eyes as well.
Also some lines ( like the side of a door) often move, sort of shudder, its always straight lines that do this. Sunlight really hurts my eyes. and i suffer terrible night blindness. Its nice to know im not alone.
cazajacks, tweet722....

My eye doctor got back to me and he said that in 30 years of practice he has not seen a patient with the visible heartbeat in the eye phenomena.

He did say that if I wanted to follow up futher to have a doppler done on my carotid artery. He did listen to it though and said it sounds fine.

I am an anxious person, was born that way. I also take lexapro for depression and xanax in the evening.

I think that there is an anxiety link. It's it may not be that anxiety is causing it but that people with anxiety are more sensitive. I know I am very sensitive to my vision. I once had toxoplamosis in my left eye, it caused a small blind spot, a scar, and from that time I have always been somewhat on guard for other peculiarities. To add to that I get ocular migraines...the first time that happened I ended up in an emergency visit to the eye doctor. I still get ocular migraines, though I do not get as anxious anymore, still I get a small adrenalin rush everytime it happens.

Can anyone here give a detailed description about how the heartbeat appears? I seem to see it when I just sort of relax my eyes and just don't focus on anything...just sort of gaze into nothing. I acually see it in both eyes just that the one with the recent vitreous detactment is more evident. It also has more floaters than the other eye...many more. Those extra flosters are of the coudy jelly-fish type. Like "gook". Maybe the light passing through this causes the heartbeat to be more evident. It's as if the light is dispursed into a cloud.

When I move my eyes normally and look at things, focus normally the heartbeat seems to go away.

Someone reading will probably think, "this guy is nuts", LOL...I just hope this is helpful.


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