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Since my vitrectomy operation early in June, there has been no noticeable improvement but, in the last week, I have developed a circle of clarity above the scotoma (so, in the upper right of the Amsler grid). Although the lines inside that circle are sharper than the rest, they are distorted and they move.
I am finding this to be very distracting and I now work at the computer with the bad eye closed most of the time.
My ophthalmologist says there are additional 'folds' in the retina and she is trying to get me an urgent appointment at the hospital.
Meanwhile, I have done some further research and have concluded that this is a condition known as macular pucker.
One thing that has improved is that I no longer have the strange patterned image when I turn out the lights at night. Presumably that is because the retina is gradually settling back into place now that the traction has been removed.
If anyone here has any specific knowledge on that subject, I would be interested to hear from them.

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