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Good evening everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can give some casual advice on a vision problem I've had for the past two days. Suddenly, in the late afternoon yesterday, I noticed that the vision in my right eye had become blurry. Although the blurriness fluctuated, it never cleared, and I went to bed hoping it would ease off through the night. I woke up fine - and was very relieved! - but within about a half hour it was back, and has persisted through the whole day today (again, getting slightly better and slightly worse, off and on, without ever clearing).

I wear glasses. I am farsighted in that eye (and nearsighted in the other, go figue) but I can't sharpen the foocus or get rid of the blur in my right eye no matter how near or close the object I'm looking at is positioned. I have a mild "eyeball headache," which feels like simple strain from trying to focus for the past two days. There is no pain in the eye itself, and I have no other symptoms. I don't have diabetes that I know of, but have never been tested for it either (so I suppose it's a possibility). My right eye isn't bloodshot, nor does the pupil look either larger or smaller than the pupil of my other eye. I have had floaters (hair-like, rather than spots) since I had Lasik six years ago, but there are no *new* floaters.

Basically, I'm baffled by what would cause painless blurring, in only one eye, that fluctuates (my vision being normal on first waking up, for example), with no other symptoms. Wouldn't a bleed, infection, or inflammation in the eye cause a steady state of blurriness, or some sensation of pain or pressure?

Of course, I'm also worried as heck. This being Southern Ontario, I don't have a family physician, and an opthamologist is impossible to see without a referral.

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