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HI RocheJ
You know you sound alot like what I'm going through.
Started having pain in the bend of my eyebrow this January, then my vision started to play up (dark, blurred in my left eye other one lazy) things got worse and worse.
Went to eye dr, who said it was due to my sinuses and to go to ENT which I did, they did a ct scan and I have some thickening. The pink blob in the corner of my eye swells and is very painful and uncomfortable.
Last week in desperation to find out whats going on with my vision I had my eyes tested and the opticain said I have very dry eye. I went back to the eye Dr today, he did the slit lamp test etc, and said that its blepharitis.
Its like my eye has forgotten how to see in the past 5 months. Can;t drive, can't read, can't do anything really.
I have had no explanation to why the vision is dark and more blurred. I'm at a loss like you also.

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