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I'm at a loss
Jun 1, 2008
I'm not at a complete loss.
xmas I had a cold and two weeks after I started to get a pain in the bend of my eyebrow. Then over the weeks things got worse, vision blurred and I had a swelling in the blob in the corner of my eye.
I went to see an eye specailist who said it was a sinus issue and I went along to see an ent specalist who just sat and laughed at what the eye dr had said. I went along for a ct scan, it showed mucus thickening in the nasolacrimal sac and the maxillary sinus and a little in the left spehnoid sinus.

I went and had my eyes tested as the vision has gotten worse, and i was told that I have dry eye. I went back to the eye specailist who then changed his original diax and said I have blepharitis.

What I can't understand is how come he didn't see it on the first consultation as I had the same symptoms. I have NO itching, NO redness, just an awful swollen feeling in the corner of the eye, it feels tight. I get pain in the bend of my nose leading in to my eyebrow. And sometimes the eye feels under pressure. The eye is dry though. The worrying symptom is the vision. My other eye is lazy, but since this started in my left it seems as if the vision towards my nose isn't the same as what it was. I have told the eye specailist, who didn't say anything about it on the 2nd visit. When I told him on the 1st he said sinus can do alot of funny things to the eyes. NOw it seems he has changed his tune.

The eye feels tight in that corner of the eye and it feels as if the eye isn't seeing. I'm very worried incase Im going to see like this for the rest of my life now (i'm 43) Im still waiting to get a second appointment with the ENT, its been 5 months since this all started.

Has anyone out there with blepharitis had symptoms like these.

A pain in the bend of the nose into the eyebrow.
flashing light.
vision decrease, very blurred towards my nose.
occasionally i get a slight thick discharge from eye not much.
eye is dry.
pressure pain around the eye, like my eye is full and going to explode.

I just don't know what to think now [email protected] very scared and I don't know where to go now.

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