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A few months ago I went to my Optometrist because I was having some discomfort in my eyes. At the same time I was going to my doctor because I had other concerns. My eye appointment all checked out except I had elevated eye pressure and he noted that the backs of my eyes were vary red. At the time I was complaining of soreness, light sensitivity and random eye twitching. He felt that it was probably medical and said that I should come back in 3 months to see if it is still high.

Mean while I have been seeing a General Internist who has been checking me for a bunch of different things and so far everything has come back good Ė I originally went to him because at the same time I found out that I had high ocular pressure I also learned I had high blood pressure and a tremor and I am in great health so my GP felt there was cause for concern.

I went back to my Optometrist and my eye pressure is even higher (I donít know how high or low but it went up 3 points). He felt that it was necessary to refer me to an Ophthalmologist.

Right now my eye complaints are Ė pressure from behind Ė it feels like someone is squeezing my eye balls. I also have a sensation in-between my eyes. It is almost a tickling feeling with pressure and is also felt on the bridge of my nose. My eyes are very dry. Once in a while I have an extreme twitching in one or the other eye lid. It can last for hours and then just go away. Iíve been experiencing some dizziness Ė it feels like I am being pulled forward through my eye ball. Itís not a spinning sensation or anything like that but it can cause me to stumble. Some days are much worse then others. I can go through a week where my eyes feel almost normal and then other days when it is difficult to focus on anything because it hurts to move my eyes.

Iíve read that glaucoma can be caused by elevated intraocular pressure but Iíve also read that there are no symptoms. I am hoping that someone might have some insight to could be causing this. My first eye exam didnít show any damage to my optic nerve and my eye sight is 20/20.

I am also wondering what I should expect from an Ophthalmologist. Are there certain questions that I should be asking? I am assuming like most referrals it will take a while so any information would really be appreciated.

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