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Thankyou so much that is very helpful. I had a pars plana victrectomy with some sort of laser (??). Well I have just returned from seeing the surgeon and he advised the problems I have been experiencing were mainly due to the surgery and sutures which had caused my eye to become slightly "distorted", this, together with the dilating eyedrops (which I have been using together with Dexamethasone and Chloramphenicol eyedrops) for twelve days have added to the problem but the dilating eyedrops have now been stopped and my vision should start returning to normal within 3/4 days. He has advised me to obtain some cheap glasses with distance lens for the next six weeks, to help with driving and viewing the computer screen, before having my eyes tested again at the end of that period when I will probably require a new prescription for glasses. I have absolutely no remaining floaters and all the inflammatory cells have disappeared. My retina appears to be fine. Once my vision has improved I consider that I have been very fortunate and hope everyone else who goes through this procedure is as fortunate as me.

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