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About 1 month ago - the beginning of June, I noticed that my eyes were becoming progressively redder. I wear regular use toric contact lenses (not dailies or monthlies) and noticed that even after removing the contact lenses, a pinkish ring could be seen around my iris where the lens had been.

I decided to spend a few days without wearing lenses thinking that possibly the fit was no longer right but I soon noticed that I had many symptoms of pink eye (slight discharge, sticky in the mornings, redness, etc). I began using Polysporin Drops for Pink Eye for the recommended 10 days though I began to see improvement after only 2 or 3.

Once the 10 days passed, I decided to give my lenses a very thorough cleaning with my regular fluid, which although it is a no-rub formula, I rubbed both sides, rinsed my case first in hot water then in the contact lens fluid and then set my lenses away in the solution overnight. When I wore them again the next day - within only 3 or so hours, my eyes began to feel scratchy and went all red. At first I thought this was due to dryness from the air conditioning in the car but later I removed the lenses and all the pink eye symptoms returned.

Once again I went through the 10 day process with those same eye drops.

Am I right to assume that my lenses may still be contaminate - or even that they were the cause of this in the first place?

My eyes seem to be totally fine right now but I want to go back to wearing my lenses as the prescription for my glasses is not as current and I do not see as well without those lenses.

What should I do to ensure I do to de-contaminate these lenses so that I can once again wear them? I am not in the financial position to simply trash these and go out and by new ones for at least another month or so - but I also cannot continue wearing my glasses.


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