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My right eye has felt off for the past week. I can't describe it well enough to go to the doctor without feeling stupid and hope I get a response here on some things to look up online first.

It feels like a small area on my eye is affected. It doesn't hurt and I don't see floaters or shadows. No matter how much I rub it or use drops I can't get rid of the feeling that its off. Eye drops don't get rid of the feeling either. My vision doesn't seem as crisp either but I can't really tell for sure. Its like a small area on my eye is sticky or goopy. That is the best I can describe it other than feeling "off".

Its driving me crazy!!!!!

This is probably completely unrelated but I have been getting head rushes when I stand up and I noticed this right after one. I think the head rushes are caused by switching from espresso to drip coffee - they started right at this time. My doctor isn't back until next week anyways.

Please someone give me some ideas. It is so distracting!

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