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Thank you so much for your post, it actually doesn't scare me anymore than the fact that I have lost parts of my vision in the past four years and don't know why.

I am very curious about the autoimmune disorder you wrote about. What is it? This is interesting because about 2 years before the flashing and spots began I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome. I had a stillbirth at 34 weeks that was unexplained and the next pregnancy they did more tests and diagnosed me. I was on heprin and asprine throughout 2 other pregnancies (I miscarried one before I was put on the treatment). I often have questioned if this syndrome has anything to do with the spots (it actually can cause blood clots) but have been told no.

I saw a neuro-opthomologist and a retina specialist both told me that my eyes looked perfectly healthy. The only thing the retina specialist told me is that he thought it was probably some type of deposits on my eyes that would not hurt anything and would clear up within 6 months, well that was about 4 years ago and they are still there as big as they always were. I was also told by another opthomologist that it was either a blood clot that was gone by the time I had the MRI or the beginning of MS. My neurologist has since told me that she does not believe I have MS but she also has no answer for my eye problems.

I did appreciate your post about not letting this go. I am very scared that one day I will be blind, I am 35 with 3 children ages 15, 8 & 6 and I don't know if I will still have my sight in 5 years. I had given up just because I was so tired of sitting and waiting with no answer but I know that will not fix this either. Thanks again for your post.
I know it's been some time since you posted your original question, and I haven't read all of the replies, but I have experienced a blind spot preceeded by the bright strobe light effect. It was about 5 years ago and the blind spot is still there. I do also, on occasion, get the occular migraines, the bright flashing vision lights that start small then expand until they disappear. They are not followed by migraines the way my friends experience them, but then again, I pop aspirin the second I notice it happening.

When I noticed the blind spot I went to my optometrist who sent me to a specialist. The specialist determined that the blind spot was caused by a blood clot in the back of my retina in one of the veins that supplies the eye with blood. He took pictures and the clot completely coincides with the area of vision loss. He said that it is most likely permanent.

Since then I have come up with two plausible explanations for why this would happen to an otherwise healthy 25 year old woman. At the time I was a smoker and I had a 7 month old with a labial adhesion. I was treating her adhesion with progesterone cream, a hormonal suppliment. I later learned that there are studies showing a correlation between blood clots and hormone levels.

The only other explanation is that the clot was a hint that I was harboring a slow growing ovarian cancer. In my case, it's a question of which came first, the cancer, or the clot, and which of the two were affected by the progesterone, if either. To be fair, my oncologist thinks there is no smoking gun here and that each incident was independant and that the progesterone cream had nothing to do with either. I feel like I'm right, but most people do feel that way even when they're wrong. ;)

Good luck to you. You might ask your physician (even the optomotrist can do this) to look in the back of your eye at the veins and see if there appears to be a bloodclot there.

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