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I have experienced this for about 30 years, but I didn't know what it was. A few days ago I had one in the morning, after not having any for maybe a couple of years. It was shaped like a semi circle and when I closed my eyes I could see it more clearly, although it started out slightly to the left of my center of vision and grew larger and larger until it was out of my field of vision in about 30 or 40 minutes. It consisted of a bunch of small lines in various directions within the semi circle and the lines were flashing like strobe lights. I am giving such a detailed description to help if someone else has this and doesn't know what it is. In the past the lines have often looked like rippling water.

Well, I didn't think anything of it, because in the past it has always gone away and I didn't have any other symptoms and I would only get a few a year at most. Then a couple of hours later I was driving with my son and all of a sudden my left ear went numb, or I just realized that it was numb. The scalp around my ear was numb, too, just like when you have a filling and are coming out of it so you can feel a little but it tingles. I thought I might be having a stroke, and to make a long story shorter I ended up going to the emergency room and in the end they told me it wasn't anything serious but probably an atypical migraine! I came home and looked on the internet, and sure enough, my eye spots were what is called an aura and I had been having them for years without headache. Numbness in the face or extremities is common, too, and if I had known it I wouldn't have panicked and gone to the emergency room and scared my family half to death. I did have a CAT scan done and it was normal, so that was good.

Your sensitivity to light might be related, because migraine headaches often cause the person to be sensitive to light. Are you sensitive all the time or just after the auras? Maybe you are having the light sensitivity and aura without the headache? One good thing is that if this is migraine related it isn't a tumor and you aren't going blind. Migraines with headaches can be terrible, but I suspect that there are a lot of undiagnosed cases of auras without headache because the symptoms aren't bad enough for people to have them checked out, like you and I having had them for years and years, so I suspect that it is far more common than the medical records indicate.

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