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Hi Freidi,

Yes I have read air conditioning as well as heat especially in the car is not good , as they are drying. I always point the vents down away from my face or off on my side in the car. As to the drops I think less is more, for me just a little seems to be more beneficial than too much. I like to use systane in the day maybe one or two times, more if really in need, and now use the small amount of muro 128 5% at night, right before sleep. Put in just 1/4" lie down close eyes and let it spread under the closed lid by moving the eye around just a little. Don't blink or you will loose most of it in the eye duct. I use a cool wet washcloth on the eye in the morning, then pat dry. This seems to be helping. I know from past experience sometimes the longer between erosions the more severe maybe that is what happened during your trip. I hear the PTK works well for many people, especially if they Don't have EBMD dystrophy. But when I hear of bad outcomes like Mikes and others, it does make one afraid to try it. It does dry the eyes out more, so I am not even contemplating it, because the dryness is the bane of this condition and all eyes get dryer with age as well, we don't need to make it even dryer.. I think we all have to find a doctor who is competent in treating this condition, not just one who "thinks" he is but in reality makes the condition worse. You can email Dr. Karpecki about the Murad question, he is really nice and will get back to you but it might be awhile, or I would just try the less is more technique and see how that works for you. just use the Murad at night, and try a little bit of systane in the day or early evening, cold water compress in the morning. See if that helps. Careful of wind, heat, smoke, and chemicals with strong odors around the eyes. Amonia is an irritant, and I only use natural low odor or no odor cleaners, detergents, etc. No Bathroom spray cleaners that kill mildews and hard water, no orange oil, furn. polish, nothing you can smell that is strong. The eyes are so sensitive and these can be toxic. Beware of haircolors with amonia as amonia is toxic to the eyes (told to me by a doctor). Every small thing can help. If you go on a plane again I would put some muro in and patch it closed with a soft cotton pad and keep it closed for the entire plane trip to avoid the terrible dryness of the compartment. With people like you and the rest of the various health board searchers, they Will come up with a viable cure in time. Never stop searching, we deserve better treatment than so many of us have gotten. Sometimes we have to be proactive and find the cure ourselves. Everyone is different so it will vary on what works for each of us, but people like you who share your stories are truly heaven sent.
We are all learning from each other, and that will lead to the miracle cure or cures.

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