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Judy - the Doxy/Prednisilone steroid study had them on pred for two weeks and doxy for six months I believe.

Freidi - your risk of infection with the BCL is greatest after an erosion due to the deeper exposed area of the epithelium. However, if you use the BCL with a topical antibiotic after an erosion then it should prevent infection. Many just use a BCL all the time with prescription in it instead of glasses and dispose them every two weeks or so (so for many it is a lifetime thing even though they don't have RCES they just use them instead of glasses).

Paul - My suggestion of putting them IN the eye at the corner of the nose and eye is because for me I lay on my back when doing this so gravity works the drops DOWN from the high end of my right eye (by my nose) to the outside edge. But, however you do it so long as it works that's what counts. If you position yourself such that gravity causes the drops to flow across the eye then it should lubricate them faster. Then just open your eyes slowly. For your case, given the RCES is in both eyes I would have thought laying on your back and putting the drops in at the highest point (where nose meets eyes) would work best. I recommended the tip of the artificial tear bottle actually goes into the corner of the eye (by the nose) so that drops are IN the eye and not over them. Then open your eyes real slow. Some like to gently move the bottom of their eyelid to help work the tears in the eyes as well.

Regarding MURO - best advice I ever got was from my doctor to warm the tube of muro first (either under warm water or as I discovered on my own just putting the tube under my armpit for a minute). Next, you just gently press down on your lower eyelid to make a pocket and put some in there or with clean hands dab some on your finger and put it in that pocket. First do this while looking slighty up (so that the muro is touching the white/sclera of the eye below the cornea). Then close your eyes while looking up and after the muro is in your eye for about 10-15 seconds look way down with eyes closed so that muro is now all over the eye. I usually keep my eyes closed to keep it in while going to sleep. For the longest time I didn't use it either but I'm using it again as part of my treatment plan to try and rid myself of this once and for all.

Paul - you said "Based on the discussions here, I found an ophthalmologist to prescribe Doxycycline pills 50mg twice a day last November, and it has improved things a lot for me,"

I would think most would have no problem prescribing it but if they do one can either see another or even a dermatologist will prescribe it.

My doctor never knew that Doxy can work well for RCES and thought it was only used for the eyes for those with DRY EYES.

I've done PTK once and may revisit the idea again if this treatment plan does not work. One problem with PTK is some docs are just not educated enough and don't do the entire cornea (go figure) and then PTK fails and it has to be done again. In my case, my understanding is the entire cornea was done but the RCES moved from one spot to another.

Paul and others - When you said you get what SEEMS like erosions during the day, I think what that is is a "thinning" of the epithelium so you eyes are super sensitive. Every time we blink some cells are rubbed off the epithelium and new ones grow. But, if more slough off quicker than grow back then the epithelium is thinner. I have found a few things that seem to work miracles for that. First, I've noticed when my eyes "just don't feel quite right" during the day then warming muro 128 ointment and applying some can really work miricles. Another thing that can help (if you can do this) is after applying muro, just close your eyes and relax with them closed for 15 minutes which can work wonders. Last, I've noticed that sometimes applying one steroid drop can also help (but you may want to always consult a doc before using steroids).

Flax can help but I've heard it takes time to build up in the system. The thing to remember is RCES is a failure of the cells to adhere to the base membrane so all of that is a "help" to manage the condition but no cure. My hope is the Dextran/Doxy/Muro will rid me of this or I may consider a second PTK.

Dall - you said: "That is the reason we all take Doxy and Minocycline. We have to clear these clogged ducts, but they need to stay cleared and that is how I learned to do it."

Dall - couple of things. I'm glad my advice is working for you but please keep in mind that it is a "management tool" and not necessarily a cure. It was great for me for years (until my erosions started occurring in REM sleep).

However, regarding your comments on Doxycycline...

That is not the reason we all take Doxy. It has nothing to do with ducts at all. Is that what your doctor told you? If so they are wrong. That is not the principal on how Doxy helps if not cures RCES. First, monocycline might not work because it does not have the same properties as the doxy. The reason the Doxy works has nothing to do with clogged ducts at all. Experimental studies have shown that Doxy is an inhibitor of matrix metalloproteases thus allowing the underlying epithelial cells to adhere better to the outermost cells and curing RCES. You can google Doxycyline and erosions to learn more about the studies and how it all works.

As far as my progress goes - I'm still on Dextran drops 5 times a day along with a LOW DOSE of Doxy twice daily and I use Muro at night. I had one erosion in my dreams in March, one of less severity in May and that is it. Each erosion seem to be occurring with less and less severity and with less frequency. I don't know if this Dextran is going to be the cure or not but I stay hopeful and reserved.

Thank you all for your support.

Best to all,

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