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Well thank you a lot on kind and warm words you said, but I'm still just curious.. I'd like to know what's my problem, I guess that will be now even harder as posting images is no allow (and I'm sorry for that!)

And I'm indeed very lucky, I have parents that are among the coolest if not the coolest all of my friends.. They let me go out, stay long, and let me choose what I think is best for me, don't get me wrong they do care for me, just in a good way :). So it's not that I'm not grateful for my life or something like that, I'm just curious..

It is that I just hate how I end up looking when they take photo of me with some friends (and it's just because of my eyes..) One seems always to be more open than the other.. Even if I try to make them look as equal as they can for just a few sec I can't do it. I'm also wondering what might have caused this as I'm pretty sure they were more symmetrical when I was younger.

This may seems silly, but can the wind be cause? On the summer I ride a lot my scooter without glasses (I do have helmet).. I just can't find any other reason.

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