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I went for an eye exam today...needed new contacts. The doc said I have enlarged cups of the optic nerve and high eye pressure. She said it is on the high side of normal, and both eyes are the same. I have a moderately strong prescription...5.25 and 4.75. My grandma has glaucoma, not sure when it set in but she's 90 and sees no so great but ok, she is also almost 90. I am a 27yo Caucasian woman and I am overall very healthy. I deal with a bit of generalized and angoraphobic anxiety and I'm wondering about my blood sugar because if I haven't eaten or had only carbs I can get faint and sick feeling quickly. I only mention these things because god knows what my symptoms are possibly caused by...I've reach that abnormal optic nerves can be symptomatic of other disorders. Anyway, does it sound like I'm at a risk for glaucoma right now, or should I calm down? I have a followup appt next week. Thanks!

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