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Hi Sanna,
Your english is fine. You probably have pinguecula (very common). They look like yellow fleshy bumps in eye and when irritated red veins would feed to them. I also have one in my left eye that was never removed. This sometimes gets inflamed and looks bloodshot and I use artificial tears to keep it lubricated and ALWAYS WEAR SUNGLASSES when outside. My eyes are less red now after I had the surgery and the yellow bumps are gone BUT I still have residual redness around the grafts (scarring). It's not too bad - BUT I can notice it. I understand totally how you feel and cross my fingers that one day they come up with a laser that can remove this scarring. I have been in touch with a Pterygium surgeon in Australia and he believes that the only way to remove these scars would be by further surgery which I would not do because I couldn't handle the recovery time.
I also wonder if our own thoughts contribute to this problem. I am a huge believer and reader of Positive thinking - positive rewards, Negative thinking can cause sickness and illness., eg Louise Hay. Does anybody else think this way? It seems the more I use to look at the pinguecula - the worse it gets....
Anyway Good Luck and Bye for now.

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