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[QUOTE=lonelyheroine;3918469]I have been experiencing floaters for quite a few years, but what is happening now is that I see this wispy little feather-like object that appears in both eyes, not all the time, but intermittantly.

I am 53 and quite myopic, having worn glasses since I was 9. I used contact lenses for a long time, but had too much trouble with them and they were no longer any use to me.

I am at my computer 8 hours per day, but nobody says they see this feathery object.

Any help would be much appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Hi there!

I have this too, first had it 2 years ago, intermittently, particularly in low level lighting (early morning looking at window or ceiling - dim light coming through curtains) can't see it in almost dark or full daylight. The feathery / spidery / woodlice shaped horizontal spiky cloudy shadowy ovals flash when I blink, I can kind of see through them like a grey shadow or cloud. They are in both eyes at same place (although slightly different shapes in each) and move with my eyes (wherever I look it's in the middle) I once had loads of them (8 -10) when I had too much to drink the night before at a birthday party and woke up thirsty at 4am. It seemed like they were moving on the curtains by themselves and it really freaked me out, they really looked like shadowy see-through woodlice or bugs! I didn't drink for a year after that it scared me so much in case it was hallucinations from alcoholic dementia! (I am not an alcoholic but I do have health anxiety :( and am prone to jumping to worst conclusions... I even thought I had Mad Cow disease because of it also i have thought my retinas are detaching or having a bleed you name it...)

Generally now it's just one in each eye. More noticeable in dim light against a light source (window or pc screen)

I am slightly myopic (-1.75L & -1.25R) have astigmatism and get ophthalmic (silent) migraines when stressed and miss an evening meal. I also take a low dose of sertraline (zoloft) 25mg for anxiety.

I have a few theories... first I thought visual disturbances were caused from the odd hangover, but I noticed that the "spots" were there with no alcohol to trigger them. Then i thought, maybe floaters? Although I have floaters as well and these don't really look like them - they are bigger plus they flash green/yellow when I blink. I'm kind of aware "see" them with my eyes closed like a migraine aura. I can't see them at all in bright light. They do frighten me a bit -sometimes I think they look veiny or optical veins I'm seeing somehow. I don't see them all the time... maybe once or twice a month. My other theory is that I am getting them after I wear contact lenses the night previous and am testing this currently... My other theories are some kind of migraine aura? It's a bit like a migraine aura - my bright white zig zaggy blind spots flash when I blink and I can see them with my eyes closed too...

I have seen my optician recently for my eye test - and my eyes look fine apparently??? :confused:

Any ideas anyone?

Claire :wave:

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