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I have a very strange undiagnosed vision problem.
I suffer from frequent, daily flashes of colorful lights in my eyes. Sometimes they linger for days and a few have never gone away.

Some of these 'spots' of bright light, and they are pretty small, don't go away, and they turn into small blind spots.

I am noticing that my little abnormal blind spots are right on the blood vessels inside my eyes. I notice I can see tons of hairline blood vessels when I look at bright surfaces, and these blind spots have the vessels running through them.

I also have areas in my vision that are slightly warped or rippled looking, especially when I look at lined patterns. These areas of rippling are located where some of my eye's blood vessels are. I sometimes take a small pen light and shine it on my closed eyelid and I can see the major blood vessels inside my eye and thier shapes and locations.

I developed a small, bright blue spot today in my right eye, off to the lower right, and it lines up with a blood vessel that has a few other blind spots scattered along it's length.

This is going on in both of my eyes, various locations, for a couple of years and I develop new blind spots once a month or so. I'm 30 yrs old.

This seems to me like a vascular issue. Perhaps tiny blood vessel leaks?? I don't know.
I've been to 3 eye MDs, 2 Retina Drs, 2 Neuro-opths. I've had dialated eye exams, several Humphry tests, several OCTs, ERG, FA, MRI. Nothing could be detected, which I just cannot understand.

I go through every day thinking I'm going blind. I can hardly take the anxiety and frustration anymore, and it has taken over my life.

Can anyone think of anything else I could try?

Thank You

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