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[QUOTE=KeelaC;3985395]What a shame you had to put up with bad vision for so long when the solution was simple.

Synderala said the doc wouldn't give her antibiotics. That might be because he figured the infection was viral; but a secondary bacterial infection can develop.

The sinus route sounds promising; perhaps you'd better pursue it further. If it was a virus, maybe there is still swelling.[/QUOTE]

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Hi ~ KeelaC :wave:

When you wrote: [COLOR="Black"]" What a shame you had to put up with bad vision for so long when the solution was simple".[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"] That was my feeling exactly. On the other hand; The process to confirm what [I][U]wasn't[/U][/I] was good.

Knowing any kind of infection in the body is not good. It shows up in various an sundry ways. Keeping us guessing all the time.. I think, that's what is good about these Boards. So one can inquire, of these matters at hand. Giving a bit of light, in looking at a situation.
If it's a possibility, for example; The Sinus Pressure; Weather one feels it or not and the vision is as has been posted here. What a good way to consider the possibility and connect the dots. Hence, saving time ~ peace of mind and money.

Beings Synderela had ~ ~ ~

[COLOR="Black"] Hello

"about 3 weeks ago I was sick with a horrible cold and had bad mucus and then all of a sudden my ear clogged up so i went and took ear drops that went away, then a couple days later my right eye got double vision and i am seeing a ghosting vision".[/COLOR]

I'd venture, this "cold" is still lingering ~

Giving this time enough for the body to heal. Then, if no improvement on the visual issue. I'd go back to the ENT and request a culture of the Nasal Cavity...

**** I'd sorta like to ask Synderela to keep us in the loop on how things are progressing...

Best to all.... DRAIN BAMAGED


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