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A few months ago I had my first Kaliediescope episode of
light flashes in my left eye - and it went away until today.
I was extremely tired at that time.

Now I am very stressed, going bankrupt, moving, divorcing, and
I have had the same flashes, but on the other eye (the right)
all day, along with a dull headache.
Normally, flashes of light that last all day should be checked out immediately. It could indicate a retinal tear or detachment; however, since the last episode didn't produce any damage, and this time it's the other eye, it would appear that you might be having a migraine aura (with or without headache).

It's fairly rare for the flashes to take place within one eye only. (Sometimes it just seems that it's happening in one eye. Did you close each eye separately to see if it disappeared?)
The other thing that will cause flashes in one eye is vitreous detachment. You can look that up, along with migraine aura and scintillating scotoma.
In a classic migraine, the flashes last about 20 minutes. They can repeat during the day. However, this is taking place in the brain, not the eyes. If you are truly having an optical migraine within the eye itself, that is different. As I said, much rarer. I really don't know how long they normally last. Because it's atypical, it might be a good idea to see a doctor.

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