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[QUOTE=myralala;4033542]I have yellow/redness in my eyes in a concentrated area where my eyes are always open. When I look down or up, the areas of my eye that aren't always exposed are clear and white. How can I get rid of this yellow/redness?? Is it some kind of condition??

Go to these links to see pictures.

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Hope you do not have pinguecula/pterygium. It is a yellow/red growth on the white part of the eye. When it is irritated it will get red. If this is what you have you should really start to were sunglasses. The only way to remove it is by surgery where they use a transplant from the upper eyelid or amoniotic meimbrane. (not a bare scelera surgery).Some people use eyedrops cause the eye will feel kind of dry where the ping is. if your pings are not that big there could be a chance to stop the growth if you use an ointment you can get from your eyedoctor.

However this is not dangerous it is not cancer or anything but i think you should go to an eyedoctor, ocular surface specialist.

Do not use clear eyes or other eyewhitening drops it will only make your eyes worse.

Maybe this is not what you have though

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