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i have been having a couple of weird eye related problems that no one seems to know anything about. i know this is going to be long but I really need advice and no one seems to know anything or have any suggestions so if you have the time I would really appreciate advice. my first problem is that i have been having double vision for things close up. like if I stare at my computer screen my eyes will go out of focus and i see double but I can always bring them back into focus and if I am moving my eyes it won't happen, just when I am staring at something. i also have been getting really bad headaches when I read. i got glasses in march of 2008 because I had been having difficulting seeing the board in school for a while. my prescription is 1.25 in my left eye and 1.75 in my right eye. I was also told that I have a slight astigmatism. i was told to wear my glasses all the time and since they made everything look so much clearer and more detailed I did wear them all the time. in high school I did notice a little of the double vision problem but it wasn't too bad and i never told anyone. i also never got headaches at all in high school or growing up. then I went away to college(starting in fall of 2008) and that's when these headches started. in late november of 2008(finals week) i started to get headaches all week. I also had more double vision problems throughout the quarter. i had some headaches winter quarter and still had double vision problems consistently. then during finals i got a headache again but not too bad of one. then my spring quarter i got more headaches and i had double vision problems still. then june of 2009 during finals week i got the worst headache i have ever had. my eyes and head were sore and i couldn't even read because it hurt too much. i felt naustious too. pain pills didn't help at all. i couldn't even study for my exams but luckily i had prepared some in advance and didn't have that hard of exams. i literally did nothing but wake up go to an exam then sleep. i went to bed at noon most days and woke up to do the appsolute minimum studying. it was one of the worst weeks of my life. i came home and went to the eye doctor and he said my prescription was fine and that it was eye strain and to take breaks and that it would be getting better. well i am still having the double vision problems consistently and it is summer. i always thought it was probably due to stress, sleep deprivation or eye strain but I am not reading very much and getting more than enough sleep so I just don't understand why this has not improved at all. i don't get headaches as much but I don't read very much in the summer, however the times that I have used my eyes a lot or more than usual I have gotten headaches. the amount i have to use my eyes the times i have been getting headaches recently are nothing compared to what i will have to do in fall when school starts again. i am so worried that i will get these headaches when school starts again. i went to my regular doctor and he is doing blood work, wants me to get an MRI and go to a neuro-optical(spelling?) specialist. he also said that i should try reading without my glasses. i am just wondering if it can be that simple. i don't need my glasses to read but since it doesn't make anything look different close up and i was told to wear them all the time and it's a hassle to keep taking them off to read I never thought anything of it. can wearing my glasses while reading really cause that severe of headaches? or am I just being optimistic? i know many other people who wear glasses for the same reason I do and don't take them off when they read. i did get them 6 months before the headaches started, however i always thought it would be more related to the extra work load and stress of college because like I said I did notice the double vision a little before I got glasses. if that is the cause of the headaches then I don't want to waste money getting an MRI, but this is all being rushed so that it can get figured out before school starts so I don't even know how to know for sure.

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