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Yes, I've been to several eye doctors since then. I have a good one now that I see every year or two but, he has no idea what I'm talking about.

I'm not even sure if the two problems are related. I'll try and explain them in more detail. The bull's eyes are like this: Imagine you close your eyes or it's dark and you see tiny red dots and each dot is surrounded by a yellow-green ring and in-between the dot and ring there is a blue background (like a bull's eye target). There are dozens of these bull's eyes in a cluster like a honeycomb pattern. They actually cover my entire vision, but the ones most brilliant and clear are the dozens in the center of my vision. Very clear, neon bright primary colors and in perfect form.


That's roughly the look of the dozen or so in my center view. Yes, both eye's. It's like I'm seeing my rods and cones reflected or it's in the optic nerve or in my brain. Not out front. The rest of this pattern is less visible most of the time. The darker, the more present.

The rest of my problem is a faint static light like the snow of static on a television with lost signal. In the night, even a full moonlit night, I can't see contrast of dark and light or the sharpness of edges because all I see is grainy, fuzzy static. It almost seems to be like a wash of faint static light that I shouldn't be picking up from the darkness. I am not sure if it's those many bull's eyes in my way (like looking through a screen door) or if it's a whole other issue.

Past health issues or info: I'm dyslexic. I have OCD, ADD, insomnia, anxiety and depression on and off. I never have normal dreams. Since I was about 4 or 5 till now, I have bizarre nightmarish dreams. Many of them throughout the night. I was electrocuted severally at the age of 3 when I stuck a bobby-pin into a high powered socket. I often think that mistake caused all of the above mental health issues.

The earliest I remember seeing the bull's eye pattern was at the age of 10-12. It's only really starting to bother me now with the static at night.

If any one needs more info, I'm happy to answer. I really think I might be blind one day if I don't find help. I want to find answers first because I don't have the money for a specialist. I want to find out now and hopefully from a specialist what I should plan on doing and what I'm finically up against if this is something serious.

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