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Hello here, I'm completely new to this board so please be gentle :angel:

For at least 2-year I've been struggling with a big problem. Let me take it from the beginning.

Some years ago I started to develop styes (hordeolum) on my eyelids. Later on my eyelids started to swell, leading to chalazion. My first doctor wanted to surgically remove them. I waited for a while and they pretty much dissolved by doing nothing.

Today this problem is still apparent cos my eyelids in my left eye, are still a bit swelled. My upper eyelid has very visible blood vessels. [B]What can I do about this issue?[/B]

The main problem however is not the swelling, it's something else. Being to 6 or 7 eye-doctors so far, I'm soon ready to give up or at least try something completely different. I've only got cortisone, anti-herpes creams and drops, nothing has worked, except the cortisone which tends to minimize the redness of the eye. I was also offered to eat synthetic antibiotics for 6 months, but I rejected that time.

My latest doctor said he saw some kind of unidentified growth (with blood supply) on the cornea, claiming this is the reason for my blurry vision.

Symptoms such as light sensitivity, dryness, redness and itch, has become worse the past months and I wake up every morning with a lot of dried tear fluid around the left eye. Watching TV feels uncomfortable, just as working in front of the computer. [B]What can I do about this issue?[/B]

[U]Addition information[/U]
Used to work a lot with computers (5-10 hours a day).
Did probably not blink as much as I should.
Dry air in the room, thanks to poor air condition and computer fan.
Cornea focused at the same distance (eye-monitor).

So what is your best guess? Could the growth be lasered away?

I'm really desperate here, lost confidence in the doctors. Thanks in advance!

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