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Hi Strongbow, so sorry to hear about your frustration and lost of confidence in doctors. I have a few questions for you in order to understand better your ordeal.

Hordeolum/Chalazion: Generally chalazion resolves by itself with time. However, recalcitrant chalazions may require steroid injection or excision for complete eradication.
1) You mentioned that the chalazion went away by itself, but then later said it is still apparent for it is still swollen with blood vessels now. I am a bit confused. Does that mean that you have been having recurrent chalazion or that the original lump had just gotten smaller but still there (so it didn't really go away in the first place)?
2) I am also confused on the said for "2 years with big problem", and then some years ago with the hordeolum. So how long ago was the hordeolum? How long ago did it change into a chalazion? And it's been 2 years since you have this corneal problem which is causing you blurry vision, right? Is this vision getting worse or still the same?

1) You said you had Cortisone, was it cream? OTC or prescribed? Name?
2) What do you mean by Anti-Herpes cream? It is always best to give the exact name of the medication used to avoid any confusion.
3) How long ago did you see your "latest doctor"? Which specialty doctor?
4) The doctor claimed "unidentified growth with blood vessels". What was the diagnosis? What was the treatment? It is not acceptable to tell a patient I see an "unidentified growth with blood vessels on your cornea" and leave it at that. Doesn't know what it is won't make the thing go away by itself. If this doctor didn't know it, he should have referred you to a specialist such as a corneal/anterior segment ophthalmologist for a second opinion. If they don't know what it is, then they can't treat it properly.
5) This growth, is it on the entire cornea, centrally, peripherally?
6) Do you wear contacts?
7) When you say your vision is blurry, what is your visual acuity meaning what is the smallest line you can read on the chart?

Sorry for the long post. If you feel up to answering these questions, then we can try our best to point you in the right direction. Take good care!

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