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This seems to be a pretty rare condition, of which I have been diagnosed. I thoguht I'd see if there are any others out there with the same condition.

About 3-4 years ago I was at LensCrafters having an eye exam and the optometrist started asking me a bunch of questions about blindness in the family. He indicated he saw drusen and referred me to an opthamologist.

I went to the opthamologist and after some long looks he said it looked like basal laminar drusen rather than macular degeneration. At that time I was 49 yo and have no history in the family.

I went to a second opthamologist and he concurred in the diagnosis. He suggested I see a retinal specialist.

I went to the retinal specialist and he did a bunch of tests, and confirmed the diagnosis. He said not to worry, usually this condition does not lead to blindness, don't read the internet or it will scare me, and just eat lots of green vegetables and come in immediately if there are any changes.

My vision has remained pretty stable at about 20/50 in both eyes, before correction. I have watched the Amsler grid carefully over the past 4 years, with no visual disturbances. About 9 months ago I noticed a small amount of waviness in the lines for the first time in both eyes. Since then it has gotten slightly worse (I also am progressing to needing reading glasses, so sometimes it is hard to be sure what is what). In the past few weeks I'm noticing a slight visual curve in my left eye's field of vision, just below the center point.

So while I still see fine for now from an acuity perspective, it is disconcerting to know you have this and you don't know where it is going to go. I've begun wondering if my wife and I should start scheduling our dream vacations in case I won't be able to see a lot in a few years......

Let me know any of your experiences with this.

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